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Human Design Course: A Journey of Unbecoming

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What You'll Learn

Have you ever wondered why you navigate life differently from others? Are you seeking clarity & direction in making important life decisions? Do you often feel out of sync with the world around you, struggling to find your place? Then this course is for you. Welcome to our Human Design Course: Discovering your Blueprint! This comprehensive program is designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of Human Design, covering essential topics such as: 1. Centers 2. Types 3. Lines 4. Strategy 5. Authority 6. Circuitry 7. Incarnation cross 8. Environment 9. Cognition 10. Determination. Whether you're a curious individual seeking self-discovery or a practitioner aspiring to incorporate Human Design into your professional toolkit, this course is tailored for beginners like you. Here's what you'll receive in this course: * 39 Human Design Teaching Videos (9 hours total) * 1 Human Design Course Workbook (150 + pages) including an Incarnation Cross Worksheet * Your Human Design Bodygraph in detail (The course is self-paced & you will have 1 year to access the materials) By the end of this course, you will gain a solid foundation in understanding the various components of Human Design & how they can positively impact your life in making better decisions, embracing your uniqueness & living in a more energetically aligned way. Join us on this transformative journey & unlock the secrets of your unique design! Create your account for instant access & process your payment.



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