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Your Hyphaensoul Sisters

Today we want to tell you a story about the Founding Members of HyphaEnsoul.

Please lean back and dive with us into our magickal world:

Forest Lake


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Once upon a time, in the mystical realm of HyphaEnsoul, three remarkable souls embarked on a shared journey, weaving their destinies together in a tapestry of wisdom, magick, and profound connection.


Sister Tan, with her radiant spirit and deep knowledge of astrology, had been studying the celestial arts for over a decade. Her heartfelt YouTube channel, Tan Astrology, had touched the lives of many, but she knew there was still so much more to explore and offer to the world. With a Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, and Gemini Rising, she was a beacon of compassion and curiosity, always seeking to unravel the mysteries of the self and the cosmos.

In the serendipitous month of April 2022, Sister Sarah joined the Tan Astrology Team, bringing with her the calm and settled essence of the Philosopher Archetype. With a Gemini Rising, Aries Sun, and Aquarius Moon, she possessed a deep connection to the cycles of the planets and a profound understanding of astrology's spiritual significance. Her journey into astrology had begun during the pandemic, aligning perfectly with her Saturn Return, and she felt a calling to share this divine language with others.

Completing this trio of enlightenment was Sister Cindy, a radiant Gemini Rising, Gemini Sun, and Capricorn Moon. Embodying the energies of an Emotional Manifesting Generator, she saw relationships as her greatest teachers and reveled in the interplay of Human Design, Astrology, and Gene Keys. With a passion for a cyclical and holistic lifestyle, Cindy sought to nourish both body and soul, fostering harmony with Mother Nature and inspiring others to do the same.

Together, these three luminous souls united their unique gifts and formed the foundation of the HyphaEnsoul community. Their shared vision was to create a sacred space where individuals could explore their potentials, discover their divine purpose, and forge deep connections with themselves, each other, and the world around them.

With Tan's profound curiosity of everything supernatural combined with her ability to dive deep, really deep, and Sarah's philosophical contemplation, and Cindy's holistic approach, they brought forth a symphony of knowledge, love, and transformative power.

They nurtured a community that celebrated the beauty of each individual, empowering them to wield their potentials like wands, harmonizing with the highest good of all. In the enchanted realm of HyphaEnsoul, guided by the stars and fueled by their passion, these three founding sisters embarked on a grand adventure. Together, they would illuminate the path of self-discovery, inviting others to step into the magick of their own existence, to play, to grow, and to create a world where love, wisdom, and unity reigned supreme.

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