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Unlock Your True Potential with Our Human Design Course!


Are you tired of feeling scattered, indecisive, and constantly questioning your path in life?

Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of quitting, starting over, and quitting again, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and burnt out?

Then it's  time to rediscover your inner essence, unleash your hidden potentials, and step into a life of empowerment and clarity!

Does this sound like you?

Here is what you will get out of it


What's Included:

  • 39 Illuminating Human Design Teaching Videos (9 hours total)

  • 1 In-Depth Human Design Course Workbook (150+ pages) complete with an Incarnation Cross Worksheet

  • Your Personalized Human Design Bodygraph, decoded and detailed

Course Overview:

Our comprehensive Human Design Program spans 10 enlightening modules, delving deep into the intricacies of:

  1. Meaning behind your open & defined Centers

  2. Deep-Delve into all 5 Energy-Types

  3. Illuminating the 6 Profile-Lines

  4. All Strategies

  5. All Authorities

  6. Excursion on all the Circuitries

  7. Incarnation Cross Worksheet

  8. All Environments

  9. All Cognitions

  10. All Determinations

Best Value

Pay In 2 Monthly Installments



Every month

Valid for 2 months

* 39 Human Design Teaching Videos (9 hours total)

* 1 Human Design Course Workbook (150 + pages)

* Your Human Design Bodygraph in detail

* Incarnation Cross Worksheet

* Includes variables like digestion, environment & cognition

* Insights into circuitry

* Contemplation Deep Dives after every Lesson


Watch a Sample Video

“They will amaze you with their insights"
"The guidance is very illuminating"
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